Embrace Playful Design

At Motivo Home, we believe that interior design is a canvas for creativity, a platform for self-expression, and a means to infuse your personality into every nook and cranny of your living space. Our latest design inspiration combines the sophistication of a well-executed design with the playful spirit of “monkey business.”

The Duality of Design

“Business in the front, monkey business in the back” might sound like an unconventional approach to interior design, but it perfectly encapsulates the duality of design. It’s about finding a balance between the refined and the whimsical, the formal and the fun.

Wallpaper Wonder: When it comes to interior design, the walls are your canvas. In the front, you might opt for a classic, elegant wallpaper design that exudes sophistication. It sets the tone for the room and provides a timeless backdrop for your decor.

But as you move to the back of the room or explore less conventional spaces like a powder room or a home office, why not let your imagination run wild? This is where the “monkey business” comes into play. Consider bold and playful wallpaper patterns that bring unexpected charm to your space.

Styling with a Twist: Another way to embrace this duality is through furniture and decor. In the front, choose pieces that showcase your refined taste and style. Think about classic furniture with clean lines and elegant finishes.

However, don’t shy away from adding a touch of whimsy to your decor. Incorporate unexpected elements like quirky accessories, colorful accents, or even a piece of art that makes you smile. It’s these unexpected touches that make your space uniquely yours.

Designing with Freedom

“Business in the front, monkey business in the back” isn’t just about design; it’s about celebrating your individuality and designing with the freedom to express yourself fully. It’s a reminder that your home should reflect not only your sophistication but also your sense of playfulness and joy.

At Motivo Home, we’re here to support your design journey, whether you’re looking to create a stylish, formal living room or a playful, creative space. Our curated collection of design ideas and products can help you strike the perfect balance between “business” and “monkey business” in your home.

So, let your inner designer run free, mix and match styles, and create spaces that tell your unique story. After all, in the world of design, there are no rules, only possibilities.

Embrace Playful Design
Design by Motivo Home - Photograph by NativeHousePhotography

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